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The right wetsuit will protect you against water and weather conditions to keep you warmer, more comfortable, and safer in the water. Taking 5 minutes to take proper care will maximise your wetsuit's durability and help maintain its quality. Here are 4 essential tips while taking care of your precious wetsuit.

1. Take off your wetsuit the right way

If you need to take off your wetsuit, please do it slowly. Put pressure on it evenly, and carefully peel back your suit. Peel off your suit instead of pulling at the arms or legs. Always avoid taking off your wetsuit while standing on gravel, grass or other rough surfaces, instead try to undress on a towel or smooth floor.

2. Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water

Outdoor water always contains dirt, harming the fabric’s flexibility and durability. Do a cold fresh water rinse after every session, even if you have only a few hours between your sessions. If you don’t have access to fresh flowing water you can always store a big bottle of water in or on your car/boat/sup. NEVER wash your wetsuit with hot water, as heat contact is neoprene’s worst enemy.

3. Dry your wetsuit slowly and steady

Drying your wetsuit will take time, don’t try to rush it. Hang your wetsuit in a well-ventilated area (garage or shower) and out of direct sunlight. Use a broad plastic hanger (a wire will damage your wetsuit) and hang it, inside-out and double-up. NEVER dry your wetsuit in direct sunlight with a washing machine, dryer, iron, bleach or professional dry cleaner.

4. Stop the smelliness

Just like you or your clothes, once in a while, your wetsuit needs washing too. Dampness will make your wetsuit smell; salt can destroy it if you do not flush it out. So: Fill a bucket with cold water, put in your favourite wetsuit cleaner, and rub it, baby! After cleansing, rinse it again with fresh water.

And there you go. These 4 rules are vital for keeping your wetsuit in perfect condition. If you follow these guidelines, we promise you a wetsuit to be your watersports buddy season after season.

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