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Jobe inflatable aero SUPs can be inflated with four different tools to various air pressure levels (PSI). Read on to get to know to what PSI level you'll want to inflate with the pros and cons of manual pumps and electric pumps. 

Want to start your workout by inflating manually? Then we got you two types of pumps: a double action and triple action pump. Want to spend your time on something else while your paddle board is getting inflated by an electric pump? Then we got you two options again. A 12V pump that connects to your car’s cigarette lighter or a portable electric pump that works on a battery so you can take it anywhere.

How to inflate a paddle board with Jobe’s manual pumps

Jobe double action pump

Jobe inflatable Aero paddle boards are our stiffest and most airtight boards ever: inflate them up to 20PSI. While many boards on the market can only be inflated up to 15 PSI, you’ll achieve maximum performance with a board that’s inflated up to 20 PSI.

At the same time, when pressure is that high, it means you’ll work on your triceps if you inflate it manually. That’s why we decided to include the best double action pump in the market in our Jobe Aero SUP packages instead of single action pump. Inflating just got twice as easy; it standard comes with every Aero SUP package.

Tip: if you are willing to sacrifice the maximum performance of your board you can get away by inflating your board to somewhere between 16-18 PSI, depending on your weight. To give you an idea: paddling is possible starting from 12 PSI. This also means paddling won’t be smooth, and your feet will get wet because the board bends under your weight. The higher the PSI level, the smoother the paddle because it won’t bend. This is why we always recommend inflating up to 20 PSI. But it’s really a trade-off between board performance and time/energy spent inflating. Trial and error will lead to your preferred PSI level!


Jobe triple action pump

Are your triceps already big enough or want to spent less energy inflating? The Jobe triple action pump is our second choice, making inflating easier than a double-action pump. It fits all Jobe boards. The pump has three modes and 2 cylinders specifically designed to inflate with big volume in the first mode. Next, we made sure you feel less resistance while inflating; minimal effort, maximum payoff!


How to inflate a paddle board with Jobe’s electric pumps

Jobe 12v SUP pump

Travelling to your SUP destination by car? Use the Jobe 12v SUP pump to inflate your paddle board to 20 PSI next to your car! It can be connected to the cigarette lighter and directly to the car battery and will inflate it in about 10-15 minutes. Little extra: use it to deflate as well. Happy paddling!
Jobe SUP Pump 12V

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