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How to choose the best towable!

At Jobe, we all know that everyone loves towables! And that is why we want to give you the best towable experience. Everybody has their preferences when it comes to tubing on the water. One likes a chilled and comfy ride, the other prefers a wild ride at full speed! We offer dozens of shapes to get you the ultimate ride on the water. Take a look below and find your perfect match!


Sit on it for a bumpy ride, or lay on it for a speedy ride. Doughnuts are the most classic shapes in our collection. Always provide four or more handles to give you the best grip for a wild ride.

The Rumble (1P)Crusher (1P)Hotseat (1P) and Double Trouble (2P) are our donut towables.


Feel like a king on his throne. Our sofa towables are the most comfortable and solid towables. Our sofa towables will give you a safe and stable experience thanks to the big edges. Take a seat and enjoy the waves in a super comfy ride!

In this category, we have the Binar (2P)Swath (2P) and Kick Flip (2P) for you!


Hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride! These towables are the ultimate tubes for shredding through the water. Adrenaline is guaranteed with these fast-paced tubes that come in aerodynamic shapes. For this category, we got a load of shapes for you!

Choose your favourite between the Scout (3P)Airstream (2P)Hydra (1P), Droplet (1P), and Droplet (3P).

Special shapes

Think outside the box: these tubes all have unique characteristics for unlimited fun. If you are looking for something different, these shapes are the perfect match for you.

Our Tribal (3P) will bring tubing to a whole new dimension!

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